Monday, March 21, 2011

rainbow creator

dreams do come true sometime.. :)

[tgk video nih mcm is not easy to achieve what we really want so much in life kan..?]

mine...?soon..InsyaAllah...dengan izin Dia..

lets do our best people!
and be a rainbow creator not a rainbow chaser ! ok? :)


ika jamil said...

kak nilam
to achieve ke to archive???

sapphire said...

thanx ika
(malu dah nih) :D

Tuan Auz said...

suka sangatt video yuna ni. =D

yeppp the rainbow creator.

(err searching for the book of rainbow creator got from genting SD dat day...hehe)

thanks!! such a good post! love it!

sapphire said...

haha..same with me..mana ntah letak.. :) (dlm store kot) :D