Back then,
I never thought falling in love again and again with the same person would be possible.
Until it happened to me.
I love being imperfect.
And insecure.
And inadequate.
I love falling in love with an imperfect man.
Sharing the adventure of learning to be better.
Hoping that with the given time together,
we’ll bring out the best of each other.
Knowing we were born imperfect,
to complete and be completed.
Allah Ta’ala is the Ultimate Genius.
oleh:: WRD

tiba tiba jadi warna hitam legang
mcm boring plak ngn color putih
ok ke x ok?
dan rindu


azri said...

salam nilam..

sy suke sbb lbh sng nk fokus pada ape yg awak tulis dlm ni..bila background jd gelap so tulisan mcm di highlight lak kn..

sapphire said...

salam azri..

tulisan color gelap tu k ke x ek..??


azri said...

pendapat peribadi sy..ok je sbb x skt mata bila baca tp benda seni ni subjektif. mungkin cantik pada mata sy tp tidak pada org lain.. :)